Why a fleet company needs a software for maintenance ?

Most of the fleet companies in the world use software for their revenue centers like booking orders, CRM etc , but rarely do they use it for cost centers like keeping track of the vehicle maintenance , repair costs etc.

From cost center perspective, fleet companies need software for 3 primary reasons

  • Fleet Management

Fleet management helps in tracking and measuring assets, and that ranges from managing different types of vehicles within the fleet to getting it assigned to the drivers. The software helps large fleet companies with an easy mechanism to quickly identify its own vehicle and perform necessary actions for its upkeep and maintenance. 

  • Preventive Maintenance

The major challenge faced by fleet companies is their lack of knowledge regarding the vehicle servicing data and schedules. Preventive maintenance is nothing but set of activities (scheduled servicing, inspections, lubrication etc ) being carried out proactively to avoid vehicle breakdowns.

The preventive maintenance services should be carried out on a regular basis to increase the availability of vehicles, maximize its life and avoid unnecessary expenses.The more the vehicle is on road, the more revenue it generates for the business, and thus preventive maintenance becomes one of the key reasons for the fleet companies to own a software for the maintenance purpose.

  • Compliance

This is another challenge faced by big fleet operators where in they lack knowledge about the expiry of their important vehicle related documents and thus have felt the need of automated alerts and reminders to ensure compliance with respect to the law of the land.

Apart from the above stated reasons, some softwares do provide add on features with respect to fleet management & preventive maintenance like

  • Inventory Management including Tyres and POL (petrol, oil and lubricant) Management

Some fleet companies do keep an inventory of essential spares, tyres and POL for attending to the immediate needs of the maintenance of their vehicles.

  • Reports for Forecasting & Key Business Decisions

The software produces various reports with respect to the cost incurred on maintenance and the upkeep of vehicles that the future maintenance budget can be forecasted. The maintenance data also helps fleet owner to decide on which type of vehicles to invest or get rid of.

  • Integration with Telematics & OBDs

There are some softwares that are integrated with OBD (On Board Diagnostic) and GPS devices which provide real time data and the data coupled with algorithms, reflect various aspects of the vehicle like vehicle’s health, driver’s behavior, fuel efficiency, speed-gear ratio etc. These informations add lot of value to the preventive maintenance of the fleet.

To conclude, a preventive fleet maintenance system (software) should help fleet management companies regardless of their size to increase availability of the fleetreduce unnecessary expenses and make smarter fleet maintenance decisions.


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