Virtual Garages

Ever heard what “Virtual Garages” are?

You may have a general understanding, however, we have given the real definition to it.

Let’s try to understand what this term actually means.

In a rapidly digitizing world, where the world has been harnessing the power of virtualization, why can’t the same be replicated in the automobile service industry.

So what is virtualization in the context of digital world ?
As per VMware – “Virtualization is the process of creating a software-based, or virtual, representation of something, such as virtual applications, servers, storage and networks.

On the same note, a virtual garage is the one that provides the services of a garage, minus the physical infrastructure.
This virtual garage would provide vehicle servicing & other consultation as a service to the vehicle owners.

So how will virtual garages function?

Virtual garages will have tie ups with various service providers (like vehicle servicing, ac repair, insurance vendors etc) through which the service request can be fulfilled.
The virtual garages have to just coordinate and ensure that the request flowing from the customer, gets served and flows back to the customer resulting in a hassle-free experience.
The virtual garages will also have to provide an interface to the vehicle owner to ensure that the request gets captured from the vehicle owner.

Now, let’s shed some light on the advantages of virtual garages over normal physical garages.

  • Less setup cost, as there is no physical infrastructure cost involved
  • Maximize service offerings, as there is no dependency on real man power and skills
  • Eliminates unproductive time like owner’s travel time & cost, as everything is offered as a service over the internet
  • Increased efficiency, agility and responsiveness, as any request can be serviced by any vendor who has the bandwidth
  • Increased focus on business and customer acquisition, as the backend can be streamlined as a one- time activity

Ultimately, to mange a virtual garage, one needs a technology partner, and if by some chance you are the one looking to set up a virtual garage, then RAMP offers an innovative technology platform to setup a comprehensive virtual garage.
RAMP’s platform is known as “Garage on Cloud” or GoC , which can be leveraged by budding entrepreneurs to setup an automobile servicing business with minimum capital and in the city/place of their choice.

To know more about GoC, do drop an email to and we will ensure that we put wings to your ambition and make you fly.


A Brief Introduction about RAMP

RAMP is the world’s first platform simplifying the automotive ownership experience. We are doing this by making quality digital infrastructure available to all stakeholders of the automotive aftermarket industry. This digitization leads to improved efficiency of the current ecosystem and results in extraordinary end customer experience.

RAMP is the only such platform in the world that is capturing the entire transaction across every stakeholder by providing them a truly integrated platform on the cloud and meaningfully addressing the challenges by helping build trust in the $700 Billion unorganized automotive aftermarket industry across the world.

With a domain expertise in “Automotive aftermarket”, we are a product company designing digital solutions addressing the challenges of the stakeholders such as workshops, spare part suppliers, the vehicle owners and the value added service providers such as insurance agencies, OEMs, Roadside assistance and emergency service providers.

Having spent more than 750,000 man hours and having facilitated more than 3 Million hours of platform usage and feedback from more than 22000 end users, RAMP has developed an in-depth understanding of the industry and user behavior. RAMP constitutes of more than 100 off the shelf plug and play modules facilitating over 500 business processes for the automotive aftermarket industry on its platform currently. With this, RAMP stands tall as one of the most comprehensive and appreciated products, thus becoming the most preferred partner in growth for the users.

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