Characteristics of a good Garage Management Software

Dear Garage/Workshop Owners,

With the need for digitizing and an eventual digital transformation, a good garage management system will be the key to this whole process.

Want to buy a garage management software and ever wondered what features you should be looking for in a good garage management system ?

If not, listed down are some of the characteristics of a good garage management system (GMS).

  • Usability & Availability

Most of the end-user of GMS are unskilled or semi-skilled when it comes to software operation.

If the UI/UX of GMS helps the users in easily navigating through the whole software without the need of an external help, half of the battle is won.

A good GMS should be available on all types of devices like computers, mobiles, tabs etc.

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customers are the key to any business and a good GMS not only manages this relationship, but nurtures it as well.

It manages and keeps track of the customers and the engagements with them.

A good GMS, also provides a relevant mobile app for the customer through which the garage owner can stay in touch with them.

  • Job Card & Invoicing

Creation of job cards should not only be easy, but at the same time should be configurable for any type of vehicles like 2-W,3-W,4-W etc.

Similarly, invoicing should be as easy as child’s play and should be able to provide easy configurations on various tax aspects and discounts. 

  • Inventory Management (IM)

Most of the garages have not been diligent in handling inventory which has resulted in direct-indirect revenue losses.

A good GMS should provide an effective inventory management system and should provide a clear visibility on the movement of spares.

  • Counter Sales

Garages not only service vehicles, but do indulge in spare parts selling aswell.

A good GMS should enable such garages to sell spares/accessories over the counter and create invoice for the same.

  • Feedback Mechanism

Feedback is an effective tool to improve the process/system.

A good GMS provides provision to capture customer’s feedback and enables the garage owner to make corrections if required.

  • Technician Productivity Tracking

A good GMS should help garage owner effectively use its resources, including manpower.

It should be able to track the technician’s tasks to ensure productivity and take corrective measures, if required.

  • Service/Renewal Alerts

A good GMS provides email/SMS alerts or notification to the garage owner regd upcoming services, insurance renewals and other compliance, if any.

  • Digital Payment Integrations

As the world is moving towards digital payments, a good GMS should provide an option to collect payments digitally through cards, netbanking, wallets or other means.

  • Loyalty Management

To retain customers, a good GMS should provide a provision to create atleast a basic level loyalty program which may attract customer to visit the garage.

  • Reports , Analytics & Business Intelligence

A good understanding on all aspects of the business is required to manage and run a business effectively.

A good GMS not only provides insights but also allows the business owner to negate the time taken to assimilate complete information by providing all details on a single page for an informed decision.

  • Different Stakeholder Integrations

Any business owner would like to have an integrated system to manage the whole business rather than relying on multiple systems.

A good GMS should provide an integration with different stakeholders like customers, spares vendors, service aggregators, insurance etc

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